Wednesday, July 1, 2020

My Favorite Small Business Jewelers

Because I've been really leaning into comfort in my fashion choices lately (and, in turn, lots of re-wearing), I've felt the need to step up my jewelry game. I figure that if I'm going to wear the same dress again, I can at least change it up with a different necklace or pair of earrings. And it's also been a way for me to feel like I'm able to support some small businesses, who are likely struggling right now, while also getting some fun new jewelry pieces that I love.
I'm sharing a few of my favorite small business jewelers below - let me know of your favorites so I know where to shop next!

I found out about Blakbird through a Pittsburgh Instagram account highlighting Black-owned businesses, and immediately knew I had to buy a pair of her earrings. I love that they're statement earrings but still have a simple, chic design. I'm wearing them in the picture above - I got the Maryen hoops!

I found this company on Madewell's website, but wanted to support them directly and check out all of their offerings. I love how dainty their designs are! I picked up a pair of earrings for myself, and got my friend who is a breast cancer survivor the pair that looks like boobs. So perfect.

Not the first time that I'm sharing Old Soul, but I have since purchased a few more pairs of earrings and the Etsy shop has really expanded. So many options to choose from, and all sustainable and shipped in sustainable packaging, too!

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